Issue 101                 NEWSLETTER                   July 2018

Ashton-in-Makerfield and District U3A


If you have not yet registered you are, officially, no longer a member of the U3A and are not covered by insurance and are no longer eligible to attend Group or Friday meetings. If you would like to re-register please write your Name and old Membership number on an envelope containing the Registration Fee and present it at the next convenient Friday meeting.  

It is important to note that the £12.00 Registration fee is non-refundable and retains your membership for twelve months.


The 2018 AGM will take place at the Friday Speaker Meeting on the 3rd August. Last opportunity for nominations (proposed and seconded) to be given to the Secretary before 24:00 hours on Friday 6th July 2018.


If you are interested in a particular subject or activity that is not catered for and would like to create a new Group please contact a member of the Committee for assistance to set it up.


During our meetings please ensure that your mobile phone ring tone is switched off and the phone is either put on vibrate or turned off completely.


We like to chat to friends before our meetings start, but could we please refrain from continuing to talk when announcements are being made and during presentations by our guest speakers. Recently, conversations that have carried on have caused distractions for many trying to listen.


6th July  -  Dennis Moore  -  Humorous Ways of

Handling Stress.

3rd August – Ananda Mukherjee – Poetry On The Rocks (National Parks of America).



If you owe any balances for Calendar Girls please could we have them a.s.a.p as we need to pay for the tickets this month. The coach for The Play That Went Wrong on 11th July leaves Hilton Street no later than 1:15 pm please try to be there early.  Kath and Ann. 


Please note that there will be no meetings of the Drama Group in July or August. Next meeting will be on the

first Thursday in September.   Pat Grimshaw



                                                            NO MEETING IN JULY.   Madeline Hynes.


We are a small group of amateur bakers who meet once a month in a member’s home to share a light lunch and a dessert or cake.  If you would like to know more please contact Anne Doyle or Pam Potter.


The Group meets in the Ashton Library on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in the month 11.00 am - 12.30 pm.

If you wish to speak to me, I can be contacted on 01942-201693.

Roy Moore.


There will not be any Local History Group meetings in June, July or August. However, I am pleased to let you know that there are plans afoot to re-launch a Local History Group in September.



The Intermediate German group meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm. It is now in its fifth year. It is a friendly, sociable group and the emphasis is on speaking and listening. Group members have become much more confident in expressing themselves spontaneously in German and can now engage in small talk fluently.

If you would like any further information please contact Bill, by phone or email, (contact details and times are on the back page).


Our meetings are normally held on 3rd Thursday of the month in Haydock library, however as is our usual practice we have no indoor meetings in June, July and August but use our meeting dates to go out on photo shoots.

For our July meeting on the19th we intend to go to the Last Drop village.  

If any of our U3A members wish to learn more about photography or can offer any expertise, please come along and join us.



This group, run by Phil Carter, meets on the First and Third Wednesdays of the month. 

The next meetings will be on the 4th and 18th of July. 

Meet at Ashton REC Club at 1.45 pm for bowling at 2.00 pm till 4.00 pm. 


This group, run by Ray Potter, meets on the Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month. 

The next meetings will be on the 11th and 25th of July. Meeting time as above. 

Will members of both groups please try to attend only their own group as too many attending one group will overcrowd the Green and spoil the bowling experience.  



We meet on the third Friday of the month at 2-00 pm which gives us time to meet up at Captains Lane and have a coffee and a chat before heading off to the YMCA in Hilton Street where meetings are held.


The next meeting is on July 20th and we have room for a couple of new members if you would like to come along for a taster.


On Friday 8th June we enjoyed a musical afternoon.  We began with practice for the forthcoming Lancashire afternoon as we will be opening the afternoon singing two Lancashire songs.  We will end that afternoon singing - She’s a Lassie from Lancashire and Leaving of Liverpool, our aim is to get the audience to join in with our singing that day.

Thanks go to our refreshment ladies who kept us singing for the second half of our programme.  Also thank you to Ian for his musical rendition.



The next  meeting of the group will be on the 26th  of July at 1.30 pm in the Ashton Library.


Ashton-in-Makerfield Ukulele Group (AIMUG)


Our last three meetings have been really good; well attended (even during this glorious sunshine) and cross pollinated by our new friends from Wigan U3A ukulele group. Ten months in and we’re really motoring along and looking forward to eclipsing our Christmas performance on Lancashire Day.


We are at the polishing stage now and the group is sounding very good, often picking up their ukes for a strum, rather than their knitting and that’s just the men.


Just four more practices available before the big day:


Tuesday 19th June at Bryn Labour.3-5 pm

Friday 22nd June at Captain’s Lane.1-3pm

Tuesday 26th June at Bryn Labour.3-5pm

Thursday 28th June at the White Horse, Wigan. 2-4pm 

If you want to come along you’d be very welcome, even if it’s just to sit and see what happens contact Stephen (Group Leader).


Reading Group 1

In “Small Great Things”, the title paraphrasing words of Dr Martin Luther King, Jodi Picault explores aspects of racism in the USA.  Ruth Jefferson is a black midwife with over twenty years’ experience and exemplary service, whose immediate colleagues are exclusively white.  When a white supremacist couple, the Bauers, demand that Ruth should not be involved in the care of their new-born son, her immediate superior acquiesces rather than confront them.  A combination of low staffing levels and an emergency caesarean delivery lead to Ruth briefly covering for a colleague and being placed in the impossible situation of either going against her superior’s order or her duty as a nurse when baby Davis Bauer suddenly becomes seriously ill.  His death leads to Ruth being tried for his murder.   The story is told using Ruth, Turk Bauer, the baby’s father, and Kennedy McQuarrie, Ruth’s lawyer, as narrators.  In the process we also learn their back stories which helps us, particularly in the cases of Ruth and Turk, to understand the courses their lives had followed to that point.  Each undergoes a journey of self-discovery, prompting us to examine our own attitudes and assumptions.  As a group we all felt that our understanding of racism had been enhanced by the novel but that the ending had perhaps been written with Hollywood in mind and detracted from the grim reality which preceded it.  On balance we would recommend it as a novel which provides interesting and thought-provoking if, at times uncomfortable reading.

Reading Group 2

Our two books for discussion in June were:-

Smiley’s People by John le Carre - The third book in the series.

There is no question John Le Carre is a master storyteller. The characters are believable but a trifle confusing because they have more than one name.

The Group appreciated the writing, the use of words, the descriptions, and the insight into the main characters. However, we felt that it was more of a historical book rather than a book of our time and we could not relate to the people or the situations.

Would we recommend it? Unfortunately No.

Truly, Madly, Guilty –by Liane Moriaty

Frivolous, Frippery, another world we did not understand, champagne, swimming pools.

Three couples and children meet for a barbecue (well that sets the scene) Tiffany-retired lap dancer turned property developer, Vide her electrician husband and their daughter Dakota,

Clementine - a cellist and Sam -something in the city and their two daughters Holly and Ruby.

Erica and Oliver business couple no children (IVF has failed), looking to Clementine to be an egg donor.

Would we recommend it?  No.

Not a lot we can say.!!!!!!!!!!!


      Wednesday 04th July - Yarrow Valley         

      Church Lane, Charnock Richard, PR7 5NA.

      Meet at 9.10 am for 9.30 tee time.

     Wednesday 18th July - Haigh Hall            

      Haigh Country Park, School Lane, WN2 1PE.

     Meet at 9.10 am for 9.30 tee time.

In the event that venues change I will email you. If you are a golfer but not a member of our group or have never been a golfer but would like to give it a try please contact me at a Friday meeting or by telephone.

Jim Conboy, Group Leader.


The following Groups are PART OF ACTIVE LIVING and NOT covered by U3A insurance.


Meets every Monday at 10am - 11am at St Thomas's Church Hall on Warrington Road. The Instructor is Sue 

Unfortunately, due to the low attendance at Captain’s Lane the Stretch and Balance classes have had to  be  amalgamated  and  relocated  in St Thomas’s Church.

Some members have transferred to the new location. The routine is very similar to the one we are used to and the exercises are tailored to older people whatever their capabilities. You don't need any special equipment or clothing. The cost is £3 per session.

For more information call in to St Thomas's before 10am on Mondays or speak to Anne, Pam or Mary. 

Pam Potter.



Walking Football is a sport for both men and women and it is an ideal way to meet new friends and improve your fitness. Games take place in the Wigan Soccer Drome.