Group Leaders -  Mary Davies and Maureen


Trip 1 -Tour of Concorde Aircraft & Lunch. 

Proposed event April/May 2019 (Must be a Monday) Tour of Concorde and history of the aircraft by a Guide. Destination - Runway visitors park at Manchester Airport. 

Trip 2 - LLangollen Boat Trip & Town. 

Proposed event August / September 2019.

Trip 3 - Christmas Meal 

December 2019. Date to be arranged. Possible venue - the DW Stadium Complex.

Turkey and Tinsel. Coach and Meal.


Trip 1 -Tour of Concorde Aircraft & Lunch. 


We boarded our coach at Hilton Street, after a short journey we arrived at the Visitor Centre at Manchester Airport. It was quite windy on the day and you could see the planes bobbing about.

After our tour we went for lunch at the airport. We enjoyed the trip and would recommend it, especially the guides who were excellent.

Looking at the aircraft in the hangar, I would have loved to fly in it just once.   Mary Davie.


A recent day trip to Port Sunlight

When we left Hilton Street, it was looking a bit overcast, but by the time we had travelled to Port Sunlight the sun had come out and the model village was looking beautiful.

Port Sunlight was built by the “Soap King” William Hesketh in 1888. The village was built to house Levers Sunlight Soap factory workers, but today it is home to a fascinating Museum, beautiful Architecture and a world class Art Gallery, stunning parkland and a thriving community.

We had a great day out exploring the village, some people went on a guided walking tour; others went into the Art Gallery. In the Museum, the story of the village is told through film shows, artefacts, archive photographs, models, and the following displays:-

1.  Explore Port Sunlight at war.

2.  The events around the 1st gig The Beatles played with Ringo Starr which happened in the village.

3.  A workers cottage has been re-created to show the visitors how the cottages would have looked in 1913 when they were first built.

4.  We had a lovely day out, and I look forward to going again as I only covered a part of the village. Even with the delay coming home, it did not spoil our day out.

Mary Davies

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On the Flight Deck

The first group were taken on to Concorde and the guide explained the history of Concorde, how the British and French had collaborated on having this spectacular aircraft build. The speed she travelled at was mind blowing, I was surprised that the inside of the aircraft was not as cramped as I imagined. Then in groups of four we were taken up to see the cockpit, where the pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer sat. There was a whole wall of switches and dial that the engineer had to deal with on the flight. It was fascinating, and the guide assured us that every one of them was used on the flight.

General Tour of the Aircraft

The second group was taken for a look round underneath the aircraft where they explained what the aircraft was made of and how it flew and other technical things that I had never even thought off. I was impressed that our group were asking questions and the guides where providing all the answers. It must have been a great thing for all the engineers and technicians to work on this ground breaking aircraft.